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Administrative directory

This space is for guiding citizens towards public services through viewing the administration directory which consists of:

1-  Ministries and institutions

The Moroccan administration is under the authority of the government (prime minister, ministers and secretaries of state). Each ministry constitutes of many large administrations which are divided into numerous divisions and services. The ministry contacts are as follows:

  • Addresses ;
  • Postal addresses ;
  • Websites and electronic addresses ;
  • Telephone and fax numbers ;
  • Names of different officials (ministers, general secretaries, regional managers, etc)..

You can access such contacts through:

  • Choosing one department(use the drag down menu)
  • Using the search engine(type the name of the structure or the name of the officials),the Guided search form (first and family names, position, name of the structure, region, or the city)


2-  Local Services


You can access local services contacts (reception counters, postal addresses, websites, electronic addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and officials' names) by clicking on the seach form either through region or city.

Emergency phone numbers