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Certificate of conformity in case of change of forename, surname, place of birth, or date of birth

In case of a mismatch between the identity documents of a Moroccan national residing inFrance, the certificate of conformity is the only recognized certificate-according to a Franco-Moroccan agreement-to prove identity before French authorities.


Father, tutor, or legal representative of the foreign minor

Required documents

Submission of documents proving the old and new identity to the Moroccan consul at the place of residence of applicant.



Place of submission

Civil status officer of place of residence

Place of issue

Civil status officer of place of residence

Processing time


Ways of claims

Al-Wassit institution (mediator)


Ministry of Interior

Sources of information (home department)

Ministry of Interior - Ministère de l’intérieur

Informations utiles

Cette attestation concerne les citoyens résidents en France en vertu du Protocole susvisé et il n'existe pas de solution similaire pour les marocains résidents dans d'autres pays.