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Assessment of work contracts of foreign employees in Morocco

The assessment of work contracts of foreign employees in Morocco is mandatory to make sure that the contract is in compliance with the work legislation in force in Morocco.



All foreign employees in Morocco holders of work permit

Required documents

  •  Work contract of the foreign employee, five copies;
  •  Visa application, two copies, including information about the foreign employee;
  •  Documents proving the professional careers of foreign employees (diploma, work certificate submitted by former employers, etc.);
  •  Documents proving the quality of investors or companies managers (shareholders);
  •   Certificate of contract termination, in case the former work contract is ended before its validity period;
  •   Temporary permission to fill a work position without a work contract, not exceeding nine months; five copies.



Place of submission

Department of Migrants’ Labor- Labor Directorate

Place of issue

Department of Migrants’ employment- employment directorate

Processing time


Ways of claims

Al-Wassit Institution


Ministry of Employment and Professional Training