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Temporary admission of motor vehicles

A motor vehicle or a motorcycle with two wheels of a cylinder capacity exceeding 80 cm3 imported under the Temporary Admission (TA) by nationals living abroad (Moroccans or others) can be cleared in the name  of a resident in Morocco in customs offices in Morocco. The two parties in question (which beneficiary of the TA and the resident in Morocco) both head towards  the customs office of their choice to clear the means of transport in question.
It is worth to mention that:

  • The clearance of motor vehicles temporarily admitted in Morocco involves the payment, in addition to import duties and taxes,of a fine of 1,500 DHS and stamp duty of 40 DHS (for  non-compliance with commitments made by the beneficiary under the temporary admission policy namely  the re-export of the  vehicle within the set time limit)
  •  To avoid any subsequent claim, it is recommended to make sure that the on-site vehicle specifications listed on the receipt and certificate of clearance correspond to those of the imported model.


Moroccan nationals abroad; physical person, legal entity or representative

Required documents

• Documents related to the vehicle;
• Title of residence abroad;
• Certified power of attorney in case a third party imports the vehicle;
• For rental vehicles: rental contract stating the agreement of the company for the vehicle in question to be entered in Morocco;
• Frontier insurance (green card), if the insurance does not cover the Moroccan territory, subscribing insurance at open counters in borders office



Place of submission

Customs import office

Place of issue

Ports of entry

Processing time

Immediate treatment upon arrival and departure and sometimes on board of boats

Ways of claims

Al-Wassit institution (mediator)


Administration of customs and indirect taxes

Sources of information (home department)

Administration of customs and indirect taxes - Administration of customs and indirect taxes-Department of Professional Training