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About the website

Service-Public.ma (www.service-public.ma) is a reference to access, via Internet, the set of services offered by the Moroccan administration. It displays in Arabic and French all useful information about public procedures and services. Within the framework of the Moroccan Electronic Administration Program, the website aims, first and foremost, to improve the relation between the administration and its users.

The content of this website is divided into three parts:

First part:

Consists of administrative procedures, which are organized according to topics (documents, family, taxes…), and sections. All procedures are explained by means of a standardized framework which underlines the necessary information to proceed. It is considered the cornerstone of the website.


Second part:
Consists of many sections which can function separately or according to the topic selected by the user.

  • Section ‘How to proceed if…' Gives a quick access to the pedagogical information related to administrativeprocedures with regard to some life areas.
  • Section ‘News': is dedicated to missing news about public services and related updates.
  • Section ‘directory': offers information about addresses and electronic contacts of some public services and institutions.
  • Section ‘online services' : contains references of all on-line procedures connected with a given topic such as documents, taxes, customs …
  • Section ‘Forms': gives access to all forms, downloadable where necessary,   related to administrative procedures.
  • Section ‘Ask a questions':  allows interaction by answering the users' questions in accordance with an ‘on stream' method. After consideration of frequently asked questions, users might safely contact Service-Public.ma, and call the administrative call center if need be.
  • Section ‘Public employment': Besides an explanatory statement of the rules governing civil service in Morocco, This section announces recruitment competitive examinations of public administrations.


Third part :

In addition to its assigned content, this section is made up of the following cross-sections:

  • ‘The Newsletter': allows subscribed users to systematically receive the Service-Public Newsletter. Users shall at any point cancel subscription.
  • The "Search Engine': makes possible a quick search of all the website constituents, either by means of key words or by section.
  •  ‘E-participation-section is a tool to measure users' satisfaction with the website's content.

This website is run by the services of the Ministry of Public Sector Modernization. The edition of its content is carried out by an inter-ministerial commission composed of representatives of all concerned administrations, and works involved are coordinated by the ministry.