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This website was designed in such a way as to make accessible the available content to a large public of internet users, while abiding by WCAG2.0 access rules

WCAG2.0   (Web Content Accessibility Guideline) covers a large set of recommendations to make Web information more accessible.

Rules to access Web information offer the necessary recommendations to give easier access to information. Abiding by the rules gives access to a larger variety of special needs individuals.

Abiding by the rules often gives easier access to general users to Web content.

WCAG 2.0 success criteria are presented in the form of testable statements which are not connected with a specific technology.

WCAG 2.0 criteria are recommended by W3C
W3C recommends as well referring to WCAG 2.0 with regard to accessibility policies.

 WCAG 2.0 rules' underlying topic-based approach consists of 11 structuring instructions according to 4 basic principles.


Principale 1 : Perceptible

  • Provide textual equivalents to all non textual content
  •  Provide alternative versions to temporary  media
  •  Create a content which can be presented in various ways without loss of data or structure
  •  Facilitate visual and auditory perception of content.

Principale 2 : Usable

  • Make all actions accessible to keyboard
  • Give the user enough time to read and use content
  • Design a content unlikely to cause problems of use.
  • Provide the user with guiding directives to browse, find content, and to be placed  in the website.

Principale 3 : Comprehensible

  • Make textual content legible and comprehensible
  • Try as much as possible to make pages seem and function in a predictable manner
  • Help the user avoid and correct typing mistakes.

Principale 4 : Robust

Maximize  compatibility with present and future agent users including assistance technologies.

The criteria relevant to the website are summed up as follows

  • Textual Equivalence: Tag all clickable or non clickable images on thewebsite
  • Table: tag table top lines and columns.
  • Link: Make sure that links are visible and have a heading( ex: avoid clicking here)
  •  Browsing: Make sure that browsing is going smoothly by means of a menu that can be easily searched over by a keyboard
  • Magnifying glass : provide a magnifying glass to make bigger paragraphs and content pages
  • Accessibility page: Provide a page to explain available accessibility tools.

Enjoy browsing our  website